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Sea-More-Marine is a Jersey based company run by Mitch Minson

The company provides the following services:

The Supply of equipment and systems
Fault finding and repairs

Re-wiring of electrical supplies
Installation of battery charging systems

Mitch established the business to provide efficient and expert Electronic solutions to the pleasure and commercial marine industry. The primary services include the Installation and maintenance of Marine systems:- Radar, GPS, Plotters, Radios and Instrumentation.

He has over 30 years experiance in the installation and maintenance of safety critical electronic systems used by Air Traffic Control at Jersey Airport. The last 12 years as the Senior Systems Engineer responsible for all of the Communication systems: Microwave links, High speed data links between Jersey, Guernsey and the UK and all the Radio and Voice communications systems used by ATC.
Prior to this Mitch first started work at the Harbour Works as an apprentice electrician, he then transfered to the Department of Electronics where amongst other things he worked on the automation of Corbiere Lighthouse and the installation of Jersey Radio at Corbiere, he also maintained the electronic systems used on the States Tug, the Duchess of Normandy and the Lifeboat.

Mitch has taken the decision that now is the right time for him to start on his own and apply his experiance in the marine environment.

He will be using the same safety culture he used in the Air Traffic Control envioronment in all his marine work.

Mitch has owned several pleasure boats over the years so he is aware of what problems can happen and what the customer expects.

Company Goals
  • To ensure that Safety is always paramount 
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.